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Local directory submissions, Add URL
Add URL Free .com, a popular free website submission service, is now offering free local website submissions! Simply enter your website’s URL and let our directory submission software handle the rest! Easy, painless, local search engine submissions from Add URL!
By submitting your website through Add URL, we automatically submit your URL to the most popular search engine directories! Using Add URL Free .com for local directory submissions tells search engines that your website is ready to be included in the search engine results and ready to start receiving website traffic. Ensure you don’t lose business to your competitors, who may be showing up with better local search results.
Spread the word about your business
Let the world know your business is up and running! A simple process for local search engine submissions means less time spent trying to do it manually and more time running your business. Go ahead, try it yourself and see the simplicity of our local search engine submission process firsthand
A cost-free solution
There is no cost to simply submitting your URL through the free Add URL software for local search engine visibility. So you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain through our directory submission software!
Easily submit your website to the top search engines
Most businesses list themselves only Google and move on. Overtime, they begin to wonder why their competitors are out-doing them in search engine ranking, online marketing and business in general. What many do not realize, is that there are many, many search engines being used all over the world today. The Google search engine market share may be the largest in the world, sitting at around 70%, but that does not mean you should put all your eggs in one basket! Many other search engines are popularly used for this exact reason, especially by businesses who understand that their competitors are only listed on the Google search engine. Simply submit your website through our local submission software in as much time as it would take to manually submit to one search engine manually!
The time required for search engines to process the local submission request can vary from 1 day to one month.
Manual Submission
Top search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo in particular, have advised that to be listed within their search engines, they prefer manual search engine submission through their own tools. Since 2010, Yahoo’s has been utilizing Bing’s software for their search engine. Thus, if you manually submit by following the process of one or the other, you should be listed on the other as well automatically. Given that, it is simply stated as a “preference” and not a requirement. Thus, when submitting a website through our local submission tool, you may not need to spend additional time to manually submit as the respective search engines mentioned above may just accept the auto-submission from Add URL
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